Malifaux- Temp. Kill Joy and Ronin

Just a quick post on my current models. Work has been going crazy with everyone sick, me firing people, and having to train up new replacements. No time to fix up a proper post, so I'm going to just toss these finished pics till I can come back and work on it.


Malifaux- Ronin and Kill Joy WIP

Not really a Work In Progress but mainly showing off what my wife got for our 1st year anniversary. She knows what I want, need, and like, so basically what I'm saying is I have the perfect wife.

I can't wait to paint them. The ronin are some of the best models I think Wyrd Miniatures produces, Killjoy is horrifically disgusting in the best way possible, and all of them are utter beasts in the game.

While I've been running the Outcasts without Ronin so far, everything I've read says that I've been doing it wrong. Looking forward to running a couple of them a few times to see what I've been missing.

Killjoy is mainly there because the idea of a nigh unkillable monster running rampant through the encounter, eating everyone in sight makes me giggle a little on the inside. Everyone, including my crew.

With these on hand, minus the totems, I do believe I have every Vic related Outcast currently out in production. While I'm looking forward to the Special Forces and Book 2 mercenaries, my wallet will be happy to have a short rest.

edit 9/30/10: Apparently I don't know how to schedule this for another day. Dur! Look, you can glimpse into the future!

Malifaux- Kirai

The new master for the Resurrectionist Faction, Kirai unique among them in that she raises spirits instead of zombies.  I've only played a few games with her, but so far she seems to be a great deal of fun. Overly complicated compared to the Vickies, but fun nonetheless.
I've been wanting to get at least one Master from every faction, but hated all the other Rez Masters. Luckily for me, she comes with a sexy asian theme to entice people like me.

A few of the things I've noticed is that most of her crew hit decently, but not overly so. They have average dmg per hit, but most of hits cut through armor. They have decent dmg reduction by being spirits, but have fairly low wounds.  They seem to be fairly balanced considering that they have the ability to summon more reinforcements as the fights get more heated and bloody.
Of course the only games I've played with them are against Ramos and Collette, construct heavy crews that refuse to turn into spirits when I need them to.

I like the green and gold color scheme I went with. It's a lot different than most of my color schemes I generally run with.  Unfortunately it seems a bit too much green on Kirai, yet looks great on Ikiryo. I just need to add a bit of gloss varnish or red enamel paint to the blood and it should look fairly "wet"
The decapitated head looks fairly decent as well. Dark bags under his eyes and no pupils makes him seem almost panic stricken before his untimely demise.

Just need to wait for my next bonus to buy the rest of her crew. I'm looking at around 4-6 Gaki, at least 4 more Seishin, and a couple Shikome to finish off my collection on her.

Oh! Here's an updated picture of Ikiryo. I reversed what I did with the hair. Originally I had based it white, purple washed most of the crevasses, and inked the extreme edges.
On a revisit, I inked the crevasses, purple washed the majority of the hair, then shaded the extreme edges with a light light pink. I think it turned out much better and less like a clown's hair.