Malifaux- Group Photo

Basically a group picture of the whole Victoria Outcast crew. I'm messing around with a new lamp w/ a white bulb. Hopefully the pictures aren't too horrible.
I'm not sure why, but some of the pictures I've been taking are great. Clean, crisp white light. While the majority are showing yellowish light, but it's all from the same light source. Augh!
Pretty much the whole crew was a blast to paint. Detailed enough that I wasn't bored painting any part of them, varied enough that they all stand out from each other, and simple enough that I didn't feel frustrated trying to nail each and every detail.


Malifaux- Ikiryo

To celebrate the arrival of Book 2 "Rising Powers" for Malifaux, I decided to get a couple new crews to paint up. It didn't help that Miniature Market was having a preorder sale at 50% off.
One of the crews was the Kirai boxset. Basically she's a gardener on the run, out for vengeance, and summons lots of evil spirits to get said revenge. She has a definite oriental theme going for her entire crew.

Here's Ikiryo, Kirai's very angry, hate filled living spirit. Spooky green and tarnished gold.  The majority of the gold is actually bright yellow with some metallic medium mixed in. Basically metallic medium is colorless/white metallic paint that takes on the color of whatever you mix in. Only downside is that it will make you paint lighter, as if you had mixed in some white paint with it.

The skin needed to be really pale, so rather than the "skin tone" that I've been using, I mixed some with along with Bleached Bone, giving her a very undead look. A very very light Gryffon Sepia was finished her skin.
The hair was based white, washed purple, then highlighted in purple ink. Looking back, I think I should have reversed that. Inked purple, edged white, then washed purple. Oh well.
I REALLY like the way she turned out for the most part.


Malifaux- Warpig

I never did mention in the blog, due to horrible life issues, but I actually won the Malifaux contest from The Gamer's Lounge. I'm really sorry for forgetting to post about it.  I have actually gotten the Gremlin Boxset, a Warhammer Fantasy book, and a indie mini from them. Thanks guys! I'm working on the whole crew to email you the finished pics.

Well the only one I'm started work on is The Warpig. I'm not really that knowledgeable about the Gremlins, as they seem a little too wacky for me, but that will change as it suddenly dawned on me. I currently live in Arkansas and everyone here goes "Hog Wild" for the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Gremlin crew is a bunch of Redneck, giant pig riding fools. How perfect does that make this crew for Arkansas I ask you?

Razorbacks are dark red with black hair running down the back from what the mascot pictures show. Basically all I really did was paint the pic in bright red, give it several badab wash layers to darken up the crevasses, and then go back over the high spots with more red to brighten up the highspots. The gremlin was painted what I can only assume is traditional Redneck garb. Bluejeans and a stained, white wifebeater shirt.

The whole model was actually very easy. The hardest part was making the thick black hair running down the back, recognizable as hair without killing all the detail. The gremlin was based in Catachan Green with a glaze of that Transparent Green ink. It brightened up the skin and still left plenty of dark green in the creases to make it look shaded.  Overall, tons of fun to paint. I can't wait to work on the other gremlins.


Malifaux- Misaki

I'm going to state up front that I don't like this model. Her character doesn't really interest me, I think the model is horrible, and over all I wish her stats were used on a better miniature. Too bad she's bundled with the Outcast boxset, otherwise I'd never have gotten her.
Sadly, I do own her, so I may as well paint her to complete my set. It also doesn't help that my pictures are so bad that they make it look glossy, blotchy, and overall hideous. I swear, on the grave of my ancestors, that I will build up a proper lightbox with WHITE lights!!!

Look at that face, her open mouth, blank dead stare. She looks like she's ready to receive a money shot against her will.
I like how her purple scarf thing turned out, the little pink bit I tossed in there helps it look slightly more unique, and her blue dress actually came out alright, if rather bland.
Green hair because she's asian and according to anime, all asian chicks have crazy hair colors.

Her halberd snapped off on me when I pulled her out of the baggy, it was REALLY flimsy for some reason, so I made the most out of what I had. The blade itself is pretty boring. I was tempted to try etching runes or japanese characters in the blade with my dremel, but I lost interest.
The rock base she's on is actually the only thing I'm happy with on this model. If you look closely, it actually looks like a rock. I'm proud of that.

Overall, once I find a suitable replacement, this model is being melted down and scattered across the 4 corners of the earth.


Malifaux- Hamelin

Not sure what to expect from Hamelin. I only ran him once and he did a decent job of preventing certain models from doing what they wanted to do. He has the potential of causing my opponents models to do my dirty work for me, and he's pretty much the only caster in the Outcast crew.
I just wish he wasn't so expensive and wasn't on a 50mm base. Seems a bit excessive.

I decided I wanted green clothing. It's different and it breaks up all the browns the Outcast seems to be gathering. I've never seen a model selection that used so much leather.
The blotches of white, black and brown are actually rats that he has hanging off of him. It's not evident in these terrible pictures, but you can actually tell what they are.
Red eyes like the rats he loves, and a big ol' yellow toothed evil grin.

Nix, his dog I painted up to look like Spud Mckenzie. You know, that old Budweiser commercial dog? No? Well nevermind.
He was a little too simple to paint as his model really doesn't have any details to paint up. Good thing Spud had a big black spot on his back.


Malifaux- Hans

Oh Hans, you are such a great looking model and were so fun to paint, but why oh why are you so expensive and lackluster?  It makes baby Jesus sad. :'(
I understand your range and possible instant death ability should make you somewhat expensive, but the ability to only shoot one guy at a time and having to cast a spell just to use your "special ammo" makes it really hard to justify adding you to the crew. Stop being such a high class whore and lower your standards a bit!

Other than the fact that I won't really ever run him, Hans is a great model. He just seems to have so much character to him. I love the sniper rifle and trench coat look. The goggles were a nice touch as well.

I really liked the way Johan's leather gloves and boots had turned out with the layered Devlan Mud wash, that I decided to try it out on Han's coat.
I added a layer of Badab Black to the lower coat section to darken it up a bit, just to break up the colors. It seemed to turn out well.

The goggles I glazed with a transparent green ink? that I got from somewhere. It's a nice bright green that gives a definite green color, but still lets you see the base color slightly underneath. I'll have to experiment with it some more just to get a feel for it.
His pants turned out better than expected. I gave them a slight drybrush of Space Wolves grey, and it allowed the creases to show up just enough so that the pure black pants didn't seem so flat.


Malifaux- Johan

I have been on a painting frenzy lately, at least by my standards. In about 2 weeks I have managed to finish my entire Outcast crew, excepting the Goblins. Now I just need to take some decent pictures and I'll be happy.

Well, next up is Johan. I haven't played with him much, mainly because I love Bishop in my list that I don't have enough points to stick Johan in my crew, but the man is a beast.  He's cheap, has a reliable Relic Hammer, a few interesting abilities, and gets better if you stick him in an Arcanist crew.

I decided to try something new with Johan. I based his cloak and leather bits in white, then just slowly built up a wash "paint job" 
His cloak is several layers of Badab Black wash, giving it a dark, yet not quite blackened leather look. It looks like really really aged leather.

His gloves and boots were layered with Devlan Mud. I really like the way they came out. They look shaded and highlighted all in one easy step.

Nothing really else to really say about him other than he was easier to paint up than expected. The thing I hate about painting black is trying to paint highlights that show up, but still look believable. The layered wash seems to have done the trick.

Thanks Painter Sarah from Dice like Thunder!

edit: I'm not sure why my pictures look like the mini's have a metal paint job. Bad lighting I suppose?


Malifaux- Victorias

Good gravy, between my computer dying, taking care of a newborn, and work suddenly needing me 7 days a week I haven't had much time to do anything. Luckily, I managed to sneak in a few hours of painting and finishing a few Outcast models before Life grabbed my attention.

Edit: I need to make a light box. These dark pictures look like crap.

Starting off for today will be my Outcast crew leaders, The Victoria twins.  I am loving their ability to Yo-Yo around the battlefield, the diverse look of the crew, and their ability to kick in the teeth of anyone they manage to come into contact with.
Sure their lack of a soul stone cache and expensive nature limits them a bit. It doesn't stop them from being fun to play.

I started with the Gun/Sword Victoria first. After seeing some Ronin models using white as a main color, I knew this Vic had to be painted in a similar fashion. Something about the clean cut look and simple design just looks good to me.
I'm tempted to try painting some sort of filigree design on the edge of her cloak, but I'm afraid that it may ruin the simple look she has going for her.

Painting the thin black lines for the red edging was a lot harder to do than I expected. Keeping a steady thin line is not fun to do. Her hair was based white and slowly washed in Baal Red citadel wash. It turned out alright, but not nearly as good as I had hoped.

When I decided to paint the other twin, I had to go with an opposing color scheme. Where the first had white as a main color with red as a secondary, this one had to be mainly red with a bit of white.

In my head it looked a lot better, but in reality Dual Blade Vic seems to have become the X-mas warrior. Good thing the Outcasts love their leather straps, it keeps the whole thing from being overwhelmed with X-mas cheer.

White based hair, washed with Badab Black and highlighted with more white turned out better than expected. I like the bright neon white hair, rather than a more muted platinum blonde.

I've been trying something new on my bladed weapons. Rather than using a metallic paint, I am basing them in a light gray, washing them black to darken them a bit, then highlighting a light gray to show light glinting off the handle.

 Apparently I'm really bad at showing light sources, but it turned out okay. :)