WH 40k- Tyranids- Warrior Prime

I wish I had enough time in the day to spend time with all my hobbies. These last few weeks, rather than completing one of my many projects, I've been spending every non-working minute playing Persona 4.
Luckily for me, I've finally completed the game, which only took me 70+ hours of game time. BTW, amazing game. Check it out. It's worth it.

Now that I've taken care of that particular hobby time killer, I've been messing around trying to finish converting my Warrior Prime. The goal of my Tyranid army is to have a primarily Warrior based/evolved force. This means Warrior Primes as the HQ, Warriors as the troops, Shrikes/Ravenors as fast attacks and a brood of Lictors tossed in for the elites.
Of course having nothing but warrior based bugs won't help me trash vehicles so eventually I plan on throwing in Zoanthropes, hiveguard, Trygons, or Tyrannofexes. It may not be the most competitive army, but I'm hoping it'll look freaking awesome.

Here's a picture featuring the mostly finished conversion with a regular warrior as a size comparison. Primes are supposed to be the biggest, deadliest Warrior's so I chopped up a couple old Hive Tyrant models to represent them.
The old model is one size bigger than a regular warrior and smaller than the current Hive Tyrant, so it seemed a perfect choice.

I had to beef up his arms to make them muscular enough to carry my "boneswords" and a little putty work to build up a turned neck. He's modeled with "Twin linked" Death spitters, but that is only because I like the "Wild West" look it gives him.
I plan on magnetizing some lash whips to make him a bonesword/lash whip monstrosity.