Malifaux- Gremlin Crew w/bases

I finally finished basing my gremlin crew. I have a 2nd Warpig, my custom pig-a-pult, 4 totems, and Pere Ravage to paint up and I'm technically done until August when even more Gremlins come out.

So, without further ado, here we go!

The full set. You can even see the poor casualty in the top right hand corner. The poor guy lost both his arms in a terrible experimental surgery.

Som'er and his crew. I still hate the gremlins holding the guns and absolutely despise Som'er himself. The Slop haulers are great and possibly make up for them.

Ophelia and her family.  I haven't finished Pere just yet, because I want to attempt Object source lighting with his torch and I'm still studying how to do it. These guys were a blast to paint. They all have so much character and charm. Since they were family, I tried to keep them with the same color scheme.

Ophelia was the last gremlin I painted and the 2nd one that I tried to incorporate a theoretical light source. If you look carefully, her clothes, hat, and skin color darken as you get away from her left.
You can't tell because all you can focus on is her breasts and luscious lips. You sick bastard.

Francois was my first attempt at a lighting source. His color changes are much more drastic and noticeable. I like how it looks, but my 2nd attempt is much more subtle. New techniques take time to learn, but I'm too impatient. I want my awesome paint jobs NOW.

   Rami is awesome. He needs a pig counter-balance for his gun. That is awesome. 

 Raphael is my favorite model for the Kin crew. Something about his "bring it on" pose and big grinning grimace looks almost intimidating in that Gremlin-y sort of way.
As a minion, he seems pretty decent on paper. I can't wait to try him out.

LOTS of pigs. I wanted to play a pig heavy gremlin list from the very beginning. Piglets stampeding everywhere and killing friend and foe alike is just hilarious.
Unfortunately I have to touch up their paint job as my matte varnish went slightly foggy on one side of them all.
Don't varnish in 110 degree heat. It'll just cause heartaches.

Can't have Piglets without the gremlins to raise them.  I haven't used these yet, but the Hog Whisperer has some interesting abilities that should make my pigs even more unpredictable.

Taxidermist and his brother, "evil" Taxidermist. They let you buy exploding bacon bombs. That's all I needed to hear before I bought two of them. They have other nice abilities, but the bacon bombs are all I can see right now.

Custom Pig-a-pult. Of course, as I am finishing it up, the official version is about to be released. I originally had it on the 30mm base like it says in the book, but I hear rumors that it will be a 50mm base instead. So I wait till the official version is released.
That is an armorcast special effect cannon blast. It is amazing.
Once I sculpt a bit of "speed lines" around the piclet, I'll be ready to finish painting. This was fun to build.

Fat piglet, why'd you break the bridge? What? No! I'm sorry! Don't explode! *boom*

Massive Warpig that can eat faces. The picture is a lot more glossy than it should be, but you get the idea. This was the first gremlin model I painted up and I think it shows.  I still like it despite it's "age".  :P

Eventual Mosquito bases. The signs came out ok, though I need to paint on "nails". Right now the gremlins have the ability to put wooden signs together without nails!
Should I paint the mozzies standard black or go wild with the rainbow?

Another view and close up. The zombie could be touched up better and I lost count the number of times I rewrote "skeeters ahead"
The direction sign says Mal'foh and badlands. 

Something I learned the hard way while building these and pinning my models down.
Don't glue your models down to their bases, paint them up nice, and proceed to take them off their bases so that you can actually base them properly.
I chipped paint off so many models and had to clean up bits of glue and plastic from way too many tiny feet.
Lesson learned: Make sure to keep the models separate. Slightly bending painted metal results in chipping paint and hours of touch up work.

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  1. How do you do your 'highlight' effects like the blue cloaks on the gremlins? doesn't look like drybrush.